Gas Log Tune-Ups

Chattanooga Gas Log Tune-Ups

​It is crucial and advisable to get a chimney inspection to be sure that your chimney is operating properly before use. It should not be a fire hazard. Certified chimney sweeps base their work according to the classification of these inspection levels.

A professional inspection allows you to know the condition of your chimney when required. We always give very detailed feedback after inspecting your chimney. We make sure that the results are more comfortable for you to understand and provide you with a solution.

Why should you have a Gas Log Tune-up?

Prevent a Very Costly Repair

Failure to have a tune-up may lead to your fireplace failing to operate when you urgently require it. This can result in a serious repair or a complete replacement, whereas if you have a tune up, you just ought to pay a regular maintenance fee.

Improved Performance and Proper Fireplace Operations

Contributes to Safety

A fireplace without tune-ups emits too much colorless, odorless and tasteless carbon monoxide. The gas is toxic to human beings if inhaled at high levels.

Saves You Money

A fireplace with tune-ups saves energy because it operates with minimal energy use. This saves money on your monthly utility bills.

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