Firebox Repair and Replacement

Chattanooga Firebox Repair and Replacement

​The area that holds fire itself (firebox) can start to wear, which is very understandable. A firebox withstands the most heat each time fire is lit, and that can result in cracking. A damaged firebox is dangerous because the gaps can allow the fire to reach combustible materials in the walls and cause a quick-spreading house fire. Also, the firebox mortar joints may crack and separate because of external forces allowing water to leak into your system and erode the joints with time.

We examine your firebox during chimney inspection and advise you on the best repairs in case of any damages. However, if you happen to notice any crack(s) in your firebox before or after a chimney inspection, you should immediately contact us.

If your firebox is still in good condition, we remove the damaged mortar joints to replace them with new mortar that can remain safe with the heat in your firebox. In situations where the firebox damage is too much, we advise our customers to rebuild their fireboxes.

After our repairs, you get to have an efficient firebox. Whether it is repairing, replacement, or rebuilding, we ensure that you get a safe firebox, and we also meet your needs as per your instructions and requirements.

worker repairing a broken firebox
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