Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning Chattanooga

​All activities we get involved in during dryer vent cleaning result in your entire dryer exhaust system being cleaned. An entire dryer exhaust system is everything from the back of the dryer to the terminal cap outside. We have certified dryer exhaust technicians in charge of handling dryer vents to prevent fires and extend the dryer's life.

​After the cleaning, we ensure that the terminal cap can open and close correctly, and if you do not have a pest guard, we get to install it for you. We also reconnect your dryer appropriately by putting it back into place and making sure it is exhausting in the right way.

Pest guards are designed in a way that can fit in exhaust vents to prevent birds and rodents from entering your premises through the vents.

How can you know that your dryer requires urgent cleaning?

Dryer Hot to Touch

Your dryer tends to be very hot to touch on the outside as it cannot exhaust air properly because of the accumulated lint. Too much lint or debris could also lead to your dryer omitting a burning odor.

Clothes Taking Longer to Dry

There is an increase in your clothes drying time due to your dryer vent being clogged with lint. The moist air stays for a relatively more extended time than it should in the dryer, making it very hard for your clothes to dry off.

To avoid an increased risk of fire and other adverse effects, you should ensure that your dryer gets professional cleaning at least once annually. The service protects you as well as your family or business.

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