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‚ÄčIt is crucial and advisable to get a chimney inspection to be sure that your chimney is operating properly before use. It should not be a fire hazard. Certified chimney sweeps base their work according to the classification of these inspection levels.

A professional inspection allows you to know the condition of your chimney when required. We always give very detailed feedback after inspecting your chimney. We make sure that the results are more comfortable for you to understand and provide you with a solution.

Which are the Three types of Chimney Inspections?

Level I Chimney Inspection

Level one inspection is for chimneys used in the past without experiencing any problems. It is a visual inspection using a flashlight to examine your chimney's readily accessible portions, including the flue. Openings may require a chimney technician to use tools like screwdriver or pliers.

Level II Chimney Inspection

Level two inspection is necessary if there are functioning changes made, any accidents or before you sell your home. Chimney changes include relining the flue or changing the type of fuel used Common accidents requiring an inspection are an earthquake, building fire, and chimney fire.

Level III Chimney Inspection

This inspection involves inspecting even the chimney's concealed areas and removing particular parts of your chimney or building. It is an in-depth inspection performed immediately after any severe damage to the chimney is suspected.

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